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I SWEAR the people who live above me hammer nails into their walls at least once a week. How on EARTH do they manage to make so much noise?! It is constant! I am not nitpicky or overly sensitive about this sort of thing, either! We can all hear each other’s washing machines and dishwashers (it feels like they shake the whole building) but I don’t really mind about that (I am careful to not run mine too late though). But off and on, for HOURS now, they have been hammering and banging (and not the fun kind, either). Their walls must be COVERED in pictures at this point, because they do it so often! Maybe one of them makes birdhouses as a hobby or something? It’s just so mystifying, I wish I could know what’s going on.

I sort of want to go ask them what they are doing, but I wouldn’t actually ever do that because #awkward. I have never asked a neighbor to keep it down in my life, but I will admit to having hit the ceiling with a broom once or twice. Last year the next door neighbors often made a sound like someone was knocking on the wall separating their apartment from ours. I assume one of them would rap their knuckles on the wall, perhaps as they sat at their desk, just as a habit. But my roommate was always half afraid that they had someone captive in their who was attempting to signal for help! I knocked back once and the sound stopped, but my roommate freaked out and told me not to do that anymore because she was scared. But no one came to our door to yell at us, so ehh I think it’s fine.

On the other hand, I feel bad for the people below me because I am a klutz and I drop stuff. I try to be quiet, to not play loud music, to walk softly, to move furniture without loud scraping, etc.—but I do drop stuff. They have never complained (and if they bang on their ceiling with a broom, I can’t hear it), but every time I drop something I cringe.


Apartment life! I actually love my apartment to death, despite the roaches that no amount of poison can kill, the fact that I saw a dead rat on the sidewalk by my front door earlier this week, I have had packages stolen (always Blue Apron), and sometimes I can hear my neighbors having sex. Apartments are just awesome and totally worth it IMO.

Share your apartment stories? Or just anything in your life?

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