Did y’all see this last night? Louis CK came out for Hillary on Conan last night and I have... some mixed feelings about it and curious about that you guys think.

I was super into what he was saying for the first bit, and his wholehearted, none of this lesser of two evils bullshit. But then when he starts in on the mother bullshit I kind of lost it. And then the abuse part...


First, women aren’t better women or better human beings OR BETTER SUITED FOR A VERY SPECIFIC POLITICAL POSITION OF POWER because they’ve had a child. And fuck all the benevolent sexism nonsense of saying that men can’t or don’t care for their children as well as women can. When you say shit like that, you think you’re being some glorious enlightened male saying how wonderful women are but in reality you’re just keeping up a horrible, misogynistic paradigm that forces burdens of childcare and behavior on women because men claim to just be inherently not built for it.

And while this is taking it a step further and if I weren’t already so mad about the above (which I could rant on for days), I don’t know if I’d react so viscerally, but the abuse stuff also triggered some things in me. Have we ever heard someone talk about a male candidate as someone that can take a ton of abuse and keep going? Have we ever heard someone use an extended metaphor about holding a male candidate down physically and humiliating them to describe why they should be good for the presidency? No. I think Hillary gets more abuse as a woman and I do think the way she handles it is impressive, but at the same time, I am getting really tired and upset about the way we are touting “ability to take abuse and get back up” for our first woman candidate. Women are more than their ability to just accept abuse and keep working for you. And let’s face it - Donald Trump has gotten a lot of abuse too (deservedly in my opinion) and hasn’t dropped out of the race. Why aren’t we describing the abuse he’s taken in the same way?

And let’s not forget that for all of his talk of this not being the choice between two evils, he goes on at the end to say he wants someone crazy, conniving, with lots of schemes and willing to do anything, which, gee, sure sounds like the old stereotypes of men being direct open competitors while women are manipulative and crazy schemers.

And now I’m just confused - does he want this loving, protective, caring mother figure that he initially described? Or this insane, stop at nothing, conniving evil schemer? Or the human punching bag?


I like Louis CK in general - I think he has his own issues and that’s okay - but this is one of those things that sounds like it’s feminist but somehow leaves me feeling sick and not reassured. Sort of the difference between “pro-woman” and “feminist”.

What do you think? I am fully open to the idea that I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning (but before Louis CK asks, no, it is not that time of the month)