Not that it’s new news or anything, but I just about fly into a violent blind rage every time I am reminded that my state is repeatedly allowing the teaching of creationism in its public schools.

I’m not religious, but I’m starting to hope that maybe hell is real, because I want Bobbly Jindal to go there. His spending cuts that only ever make ends meet for the current budget cycle, his nonsense speech criticizing federal aid for natural disasters, his rampant cuts to the public universities here.

In the above article, some douchebag is recalling that fake time in history where Christians were burned at the stake by scientists in power. Big, evil science overlords, who burned heretics.

And this fuckface probably knows that as fact. He might really think that is true. He, and his classmates might have learned it, and been tested on it. He might have learned it in his fucking history class, where there are apparently no standards. All the other things he’s saying that science has been wrong about - CHRISTIANS WERE WRONG ABOUT MORE. Science changes as we learn; Christianity digs its heels in and fights the whole way.


Like how I know, from experience, that public schools in South Carolina like to teach that the Civil War had little if anything to do with slavery. I remember test questions where you had to name what the Civil War was about, and slavery was the wrong answer. Those assholes we like to argue with on any Gawker article about anything racial? They are probably LITERALLY convinced what they know is true.

The spread of misinformation is a huge, HUGE advantage to Republicans in the long run and it is in their best interest to indoctrinate the children of public schools. Sorry if I sound like a tin-foil hat-wearing lunatic, but I very much believe that part of the motivation for Creationism being taught in schools is to keep poor children stupid. Make sure they stay poor. Make sure they keep voting conservative.


The Slate article has this quote:

This is not the students’ fault, of course, but of the Louisiana citizens who vote—or, more likely, don’t vote—at election time.


Voter apathy is a big deal, but having always lived in places where my two choices are literally always just either vote for Crazy or Evil, this isn’t fair. This isn’t a fair characterization of the places that vote yahoos into office. People are uneducated and scared of outsiders; no one with any real integrity can (or will) run for office, and voter suppression is still a massive problem.

So fuck this.


(note: any “just move to whatever liberal paradise I live in” comments will be yelled at. Shitty leaders in any state can affect you and you should care about every fucking election everywhere)