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Louisiana Sheriff Continues to Enforce state's Anti-Sodomy Laws: Updated

Ten years ago, the United States Supreme Court struck down anti-sodomy laws as "unconstitutional violations of a right to privacy". Despite this, the sheriff's department in East Baton Rouge continues to enforce the State's outdated statute, even going as far as to set up sting operations in an attempt to catch gay men. This despite the fact the District Attorney's office refuses to prosecute any of the men arrested under the anti-sodomy law.

What a great use of taxpayer's money, and the sheriff department's resources.

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal refuses to comment on the issue, and Republican lawmakers in Louisiana have resisted any attempt to have the law struck off the books.



So apparently the Sheriff has since apologized for the arrests, and claims not to have know that the Anti-Sodomy laws had been struck down the by the Supreme Court. He says he will now work with Louisiana Lawmakers in a bid to have the law struck from the books.


Why do I find myself doubting his sincerity?

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