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Louisiana's Stand-Your-Ground-Law At Work

I'm disappointed and not surprised that this shit is happening here. To summarize the situation over the past week, an adult white male shot* a 14-year-old black male, when the kid was apparently scaling his fence.

I do think the fact that the kid was on his property makes a big difference from the Trayvon Martin scenario, but the fact remains that shooting a person is not considered a last resort option in a SYG situation. From the linked article:

“Louisiana has a very strong stand your ground law, which means you have no duty whatsoever to retreat and the jury is not even permitted to consider the possibility of retreat,” he said.


The jury is not even allowed to consider that you could have or should have retreated. I don't understand why the law is written like that. What is the benefit to society if guns are preferable to REMOVING YOURSELF FROM A DANGEROUS SITUATION?

*Edit: originally said "shot and killed" - that is incorrect.

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