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Love And Androids. Erica You Know Enough

I read at the doctors office while waiting an article about Androids. It was Wired November 2017. The article has a portion about David Levy whose field is computers and androids. He predicts by 2050 we will have friendships with Androids possibly marriage. Its explained we will see Androids as someone coming from another culture. I suspect the religious rights heads will explode with the first case of Human Android marriage. I could not find the source the writer used but I found this article in 2007 about Levy and his theories.

The article concentrates on a Japanese expert in Andoids Hiroshi Ishiguru. The article was interesting. He suffers from depression nearly killed himself twice both times involving people doing better then him. He resolves to perservere. He is a leading expert on Androids. They seem to be all female, one male of himself. For female Androids (really Androids with female forms) he uses pageants and plastic surgeons on how to create the perfect Android with female form. It seems the latest is Erica. An article about him and Erica.


Finally this video of Erica being interviewed. She wants to learn to be more human. Her “memory” she told just disturbs me. One level I want to feel sorry for the Erica then remember she is a machine. Her emotions are coded in. Yet Erica is just a stepping stone where they will be able to learn from their memories and experiences.

Can I just say Erica knows enough. Learning from memories and experiences scares me. Humans understand context, understand we are greater mentally and emotionally then sum total of memories and experiences. My fear is learning the wrong lessns.


This quest for Android intimacy and romance. It seems for now mainly aimed at men for female androids. I wanted to say men seeking this seems misogyny driven but I wonder if its also people who just dislike people with misamdry also. Is there a word covering misogyny and misandry both ie people who just want to have nothing to do with humans.

Anyone want a female or male companion maybe with intimacy also. I think it would be fine for people who psychologically have trouble dealing with people or those who are alone like seniors or disabled. Yet I suspect with the price it will be those who just want a toy at least at first.

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