Dear Groupthink,

As many of you may be aware, in the past week or so, some shit has gone down. Hurtful and inappropriate shit. Vaguely worded but unmistakably hostile shit. It has been a proverbial storm of shit: a "shit storm" some might say.

To summarize: rules were flouted (if not against the letter of the law than against the spirit) and many complaints and concerns were voiced. In response, the mods have made some authorship changes. To be crystal clear: no one has been banished from the land of Groupthink. Some commenters have lost their authorship privileges, but they will still be welcome to engage and participate so long as the obey the rules moving forward.

So what does this mean? For most of you, virtually nothing, because you are already following the guidelines (reshared here for the benefit of everyone) and contributing to a great group. For others, it means that it's time to take another look at the rules again. Chief among those that should be re-examined:


No shit-stirring.

No call outs (even thinly veiled ones).

When contributing to GT, it may be helpful to ask yourself "What do I hope to accomplish with this post/comment?" If your answer is anything like "Make fun of [fellow commenter]", "Shock, disgust, or offend", or "Engender negativity within the community" don't bother. It is not welcome, it is not appreciated, and it is not okay.


We thank everyone, as always, who brings community concerns to our attention—please never feel that by contacting the mods you are being a bother; we sincerely appreciate hearing from anyone who is as interested in maintaining the health and happiness of this forum as we are.

And that is why this is "LOVE in the Time of Shit Storm." We love you guys. We love this place. Let's keep it somewhere we want to keep visiting.


(PS: if this is all coming out of left field, that means you missed some drama. For that, just be grateful. Please do not ask for links/official detailed recaps/etc.)