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So boy and I spent a lot of time together this weekend, including having our first grown-up sleepovers at each others’ places...

It’s just going really well, and I wanted to gush a little. :)

Friday night I went over to his place with a bottle of champagne to celebrate his grad school acceptance and he made me enchiladas for dinner. We drank the bubbly, and then a bottle of Riesling from the wine growing region that we visited in Germany (two months ago when we were still “just friends” but both harboring feelings...) and cuddled on the couch watching Archer and stand up comedy. I told you guys that I basically backed way off on the physical and just wanted to let him get comfortable with physical closeness/touching/cuddling et cetera before any sexy stuff came in the picture. Like, we had basically just been holding hands and giving each other little pecks on the lips for the past month. Things are progressing a little and getting more intense from there now and it’s really nice, because it feels a natural progression, instead of diving into bed straight away and then feeling awkward because there’s a gap in emotional intimacy (which has been my experience in the past.) I can tell he’s a lot more comfortable with me now and that’s a really good feeling. He actually said to me that night that he was grateful he was able to be with someone in this way that he already trusts and feels safe with.


We haven’t slept together, but we talked about that being on the horizon soon-ish and discussed testing and protection and what to do if one of us gets triggered. (I don’t see that happening for me, it’s been a long time since I had an episode like that and especially since I already know him so well and trust him, I think we will be okay, but it’s really nice to be able to talk so openly and frankly about that and know that I’m safe.)

Yesterday we ate brunch with some friends, saw The Avengers, and then had a late dinner at one of my favorite italian places. I told him that I’m going to be taking a few weeks off between finals week and starting back up at my job (I’m going in to the store to turn in my availability today and putting my start date as June 10th) and he asked if I wanted to go on a road trip somewhere with him during that gap time. His family has a timeshare in Vail, Colorado so we are going to drive up at the end of the month and spend a few days in the mountains. :) I know it seems a bit early on to be taking a trip together, but we’ve already been on vacation once as friends and it feels right and comfortable to me. He stayed over at my apartment last night and rubbed my back until I fell asleep.

I don’t know guys! I always used to hear from other people that when it’s right with someone, things just work out naturally and easily and you don’t have to worry or stress about it, and I feel like that’s so true for us right now. I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable, secure, or peaceful in a new relationship before, and I feel like there are more good things coming.

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