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Love, Middle American-Style

Today is my and Mr. Waffle's sixth anniversary. We celebrated last night in awesome Waffle-style, eating buta-kimchi and sushi at our favorite restaurant then having tea at home.

Mr. Waffle surprised me by booking a suite with a jacuzzi tub and a fireplace at a place an hour and a half away. So today, we drove to the most romantic city in America, Albert Lea, Minnesota. After searching for a quiet spot to have a candlelit dinner, we settled on an American classic, a little place called Applebee's.


We're in our room, relaxing after a soak in the jacuzzi, drinking tea, and having a snack of Meyer lemon cookies and blueberry goat cheese. Despite the smart-assery of the second paragraph, we've had a lovely evening.

Our six years of marriage have been happy. Troubled, at times, of course, but good. We don't have sex very often, but we touch and hug and kiss a lot. Still, it means a lot when he makes gestures like this.

Last week he bought me a chocolate cake frosted to look like a hamburger, and wrapped my birthday presents. This weekend I expressed my happiness with him making these plans and he broke into a huge smile and said, "I'm really doing good at this husband stuff!"

You are, Mr. Waffle. You are. <3

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