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Loving awful things (a fluffy post)

You guys, I have a problem. Apparently everything I love is problematic and hard to rationalize. This has been pointed out to me multiple times in the past week:

  • Tuesday I took a second look at my 2nd choice house after having tea with my mom, aunt, and cousin, who has been my house-hunting partner from the start. This house has literally *everything* I want, except a big yard. Buuuuut it’s still not the house I love (which is a late 1800s time capsule that needs a fuck-ton of work and has a terrible owner who wants eleventy billion dollars for his tear-down.) At one point my aunt, who had tagged along, took me by the shoulders and shook me. Her parting words when we left were “Bitchpudding, you know I love you. But I’m judging you right now. Judging. HARD.”
  • There’s a character actor who is a regular on one of the con circuits at which we sell our stuff; we get a chance to see his panels a handful of times a year. Said actor is a noted gun nut/2nd amendment stan and probable Trump supporter, but goddamn, I would bang him in a heartbeat if I ever had a fraction of a chance. It’s become a joke with Mr Reliable, now every time I leave for a con I remind him that if I get caught in an elevator alone with said actor, it’s on...and he reminds me of my penchant for terrible life choices with a loving “Have fun! Don’t come back pregnant!” (Sadly, I didn’t get the chance last weekend. Maybe next month!)
  • Last night, coming back from a fun evening of food trucks and a movie in the park, Mr R flipped from the radio over to the bluetooth which is synced to my Google play. I had on my Misfits playlist earlier in the day, so that’s what started up. Our friend and 8 year old daughter (who was asleep) were in the backseat. Mr R had started chuckling quietly to himself by the 2nd song, and by the 4th song, our (super lame, obviously) friend piped up to ask if every song was about mutilating and killing women. I didn’t have a good answer because, YES THEY ARE, WTF DANZIG. After we dropped her and the kiddo off, Mr R spent the ride home laughing hysterically at how the things I like are so completely at odds with literally everything I stand for. (which lead to us wondering if the song ‘Helena’ was inspired by ‘Boxing Helena’, or if the song influenced the movie.)

Everything I love is terrible.

What about you, GT? What terrible things do you love, that you have a realllly hard time justifying to people?


ETA: I’ve been told by Mr R (who is probably on my list if “poor life choices”) that if I’m not quoting lyrics, I’m downplaying the awfulness...and u can’t even do that, because the needed trigger warnings would take up a whole page. Any other members of the Fiend Club out there?!

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