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Low Carb Cookies (+ a plea for help finding a shippable cookie recipe)

So hey. Remember how I said like a million months ago I wanted to post about low carb baking and then never did? No? Well I did and here it is (finally).
If people are interested in this, I’ll post more often about low carb baking (like when I do it and find a good recipe, basically).

My mom is going low carb again and I’m trying to support her, and I support people by baking. (I’m also marginally going low carb myself, but I’m not fussing about it because I like pizza and I’m stressed so I’m going to eat what I want for now.)

I made double chocolate cookies and I used the recipe from this site: http://blog.meaningfuleats.com/flourless-choc… with a few changes.

The recipe calls for 3 cups of powdered sugar but that sounded like an awful lot to me. I reduced it to ~2 cups, and I will probably reduce it further next time since they were still a little sweet.
Since sugar is a huge carb culprit I used Truvia (not the baking blend, just the straight Truvia) so I actually ended up using 2/3 cup of that. It wasn’t powdered, because I can’t seem to find powdered artificial sweeteners (they apparently exist but no stores near me seem to carry them), but it seemed to work fine anyway.

(Brief aside: out of all the sugar substitutes I’ve used, I’ve found Truvia to have the least offensive after taste as long as it’s with something strong tasting, like chocolate. I’ve also found that it has the smallest possibility for digestion problems because the erythritol isn’t too hard on your digestion and the stevia isn’t a problem. Play around with different artificial sweeteners and find the one that works best for you, though. And keep in mind that some of them are not a direct substitution for sugar, you have to do a ratio.)

I was almost out of dark chocolate chips so I used 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips and 1/2 cup white chocolate chips (not low carb, but tasty!).
Usually I would have used 1 cup of dark chocolate chips (fairly low carb) and some nuts (probably 1/2 cup to 1 cup), but alas, sometimes you want cookies and you have to make do with what you’ve got.
The recipe calls for 2-4 egg whites, and I used 4.
I also used extra dark chocolate cocoa powder instead of normal cocoa powder, which is why they basically look black. That’s just a taste preference thing, I love dark chocolate.

I scooped them by the tablespoon onto parchment paper (I didn’t oil it because that seems excessive, and it was fine). I left about two inches between the cookies because they were very runny, although they didn’t end up spreading that much.
I baked for 16 minutes instead of 14 minutes.

The cookies are really good!

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A little bit grainy, and almost too sweet even with less sugar, but they’re not too hard or too crumbly and they taste like real, carb filled cookies. This is the first time I’ve used this recipe and I will definitely be using it again. The after taste of the Truvia is almost completely unnoticeable, because these cookies are so heavy on the chocolate.

So now I have a question. I ship one of my friends who lives in a different state cookies on a semi-regular basis, and he wants something with raspberries this time. He said extract is fine.
What type cookies are safe to ship (like they won’t get moldy or stale or weird) but still raspberry flavored? I was looking at thumbprint cookies (and I found cookies with raspberries baked into them, which look awesome), but I’m not sure if those would hold up to shipping?
I’m coming up blank when I try to think of a type of cookie that uses raspberry extract. Chocolate and nuts are good, too, as long as there’s raspberry in there.
He also does low carb, but I can find a recipe for pretty much any type of cookie if I just know what to look for.

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