Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

ETA: (I'm putting this at the top of the post just in case anyone is thinking of re-taking the test) Emotional Spock offers LSAT tutoring online at an affordable price (priced per hour with I believe a free 20 minute consultation). She has scored in the 98 percentile (?), so if you decide to take the exam again, she could be very helpful.

Case told me that LSAT scores have been posted. How did everyone do? Share your scores! (or don't: I know people are very not cool with putting their business out on the street, even on anonymous forums). I scored in the 52nd(?) percentile, which makes me feel like this:


I was really hoping not to have to take this fucking thing again. *sigh*

Upside, I seem to be coping with this quite well, considering the very first time I took it (six years ago) and saw my score, I literally puked on the letter they sent me.

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