Haven't gone online to score it yet, but I'm pretty sure I bombed (again). On literally every single section, I ran out of time to answer all the questions, so I defaulted to marking answer D down the line near the end of each section.

I read really slowly, always have, so I can really only complete three sections of Reading Comprehension (in class I was also taught to "tag" passages, and write down a bunch of crap about "main point" and "primary purpose" before even getting to the questions, so that slows me down further). Hopefully, my accuracy is good on the passages I was able to spend adequate time on.

Logic Games felt, once again, like a complete shit show. It seems like whenever I'm doing the homework, I can answer them accurately. But when It's a timed section, my brain will just refuse to work.

Best part is I get to do another one of these tomorrow. Joy. Also, I think my practice LSAT proctor hates me.