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Good Lord I wish I was back in Catholic schools. We would have had so much fun asking teachers about this show and the Bible.


No clue the writers source material. It seems more Greek Gods then JudeoChristianity.

I understand thanks to people here, GT and Google the genesis of God having a wife. She seems incredibly unlikable. Her attitudes towards humans is more New Testament Satan.


She told Lucifer that his father wanted to destroy him but she convinced him to send him to Hell. Ok. Source material or are they making it up as they go along or is this from the comics. Why do I suspect she will take over running Hell?

This show is sliding towards Castle country. Castle’s mother could be annoying now Lucifer’s mother. Lucifer and Castle both started with falling in love with the detective they are working with, both are wealthy, do not listen, both have level headed daughters/assistants.

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