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For any reader of paranormal romance there is a running theme like in the Argeneau series that for every vampire there is a mortal who is their mate.


Tonight convinced me God is the male Vampire Marguerite. She is the matriarch in the Argeneau vampire series by Lyndsay Sands. She plays matchmaker and can always tell a perfect match between a vampire (either a relative or friend) and a mortal. I read the first nine and they were very good and funny.

Illustration for article titled Lucifers Dad Is The Male Vampire Marguerite spoilers

I am fairly certain that is a picture of her.

When I saw how drawn Linda and Amendiel are getting especially that kiss I realized this is in its essence a Paranormal Romance.


Chloe is the perfect match for Lucifer.

Linda is the perfect match for Amendiel

Dan is the perfect match for Maze.

Am I wrong?

Oh read the Argenau series. I suggest Single White Vampire about Lucern a history writer whose books are listed as Paranormal Romance and he is pushed by Margeurite to go with his editor to a Romance writers convention. Its very funny and my first book in the series I read. Also Accidental Vampire which starts a major setting about a vampire friendly town and how there are lots of matches there.

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