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Luke Cage premieres this Friday!

It stars Mike Colter as the title character, ofc, but this post is about...

Misty Knight!


Misty, played by Simone Missick, will be the female lead on the show. She is also one of my faves.

In the comics she is a former NYPD detective who lost her arm when trying to prevent a bank explosion. Stark Industries provided her with a bionic arm, but she left the force regardless. Soon after she started a privade detective business with her bff Colleen Wing (who will be introduced in the Iron Fist show.) In the show she is still a cop.

She is a total badass, ok? The first time she met Iron Fist she nearly beat his ass and he still pretty much fell in love. ‘Cause she’s fly like that.

In recent years, she led Heroes for Hire and was a member of the Valkyrior (Fearless Defenders.) Currently she’s teaming up with Sam Wilson.


She is a trained martial artist. She has almost perfect aim with firearms. Her bionic arm grants her superhuman strength (with some limitations.) It also has an anti-gravity repulsor field and a concussive blast. I’m probably forgetting some things, lol.


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