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Illustration for article titled Lululemon asks, Got sweaty balls?

I bet you thought I was kidding. This is the store window of my local Lululemon store, proudly asking this deeply personal question of the passersby. It was brought to my attention by My Carhartt Boyfriend (TM), with whom I was having dinner. Of course, I had to go and see for myself.

"Fuck this," said MCB(TM). "This is fucking ridiculous. 'Got sweaty balls?' What the fuck were they thinking? A better slogan would be: 'Lululemon: What the Fuck?' If they were trying to be edgy, they missed the edge. They landed smack in the middle of What The Fuck."


This store with this window sign just reopened this week after being closed for a remodel after Pantsgate occured. This is how they choose to reintroduce themselves to their customers. Way to come out swinging, guys. This sure is the way to class up the joint.

Only yesterday we heard that the CEO of the company was stepping down, although the pants debacle isn't stated as the reason. Not to mention the related "bend over" scandal. Apparently, the "Got Sweaty Balls?" is a local campaign, but for a company recovering from an embarrassing faux pas, it's really pretty ballsy.

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