I don't know what I want! I have eggez and I have two cans of kippers, and I have delicious delicious ramen (Indo Mie Stir Fry Flavor FTW!), I have leftover steak, and I have whole wheat bread that I'd forgotten to add enough salt to. Oh! And half an avocado. I want them all. I spose I'll just do ramen with an egg yolk and a can of kippers mixed in, and top with the egg white fried to a crisp pancake. Or do I want a wheatbread mini chizsteak? A kipper sandwich, with thin cut bread and kippers mixed with mayo and topped with crunchy chopped raw nonions? Halp! I overwhelmed wiv choices!

So, what is everyone nomming?

ETA: It has been decided! I eting avocado an kipper dip: Half an avocado mashed with a can of kippers, seasoned with lime juice, chili powder, and salt. I found some TJ's Rice Crisps, and am eating the dip with them.