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Lunch thread!

So, thought I’d change things up a little today... what’s for lunch? Did you pack one? Buy one? Have one bought for you? Roam the kitchen, opening cupboards, hoping something interesting has appeared since the last time you looked (*ahem* I might have done this...)?

I finally ended up with 6 roasted garlic Triscuit crackers, a slice of Butterkase cheese (broken up so there’s a bit for each cracker), and 2 each of dried plums, pears, and apricots. And a big glass of water. Not exactly exciting, but healthy(ish), and my tummy is no longer making grumbly noises.

It’s not blazingly hot out, so I might bake something later, so the kids can have a snack. I’ve got some apple-cinnamon goat cheese that no one will eat plain, so I think I’ll make muffins or something with it.

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