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Lunch with high school bf concluded: status quo embraced passionately

So I had face-to-face time with the HS sweetheart (henceforth the HSBF) today for the first time in ... about 15 years, by my count. (Remember I am an old so we go back about 30 years, give or take a few.) This was a win-win situation anyway as it meant someone bought me lunch and a bunch of beers in the afternoon (on my day off), but really, it was a good time revisiting old times and grumbling in a good-natured fashion about how, in some ways, it is awful being an old. (His eldest, a boy, has spent most of his adolescent life making his father's life miserable exactly as the HSBF did in his day, and to me, of course, it's funny.) My dad died 11 years ago; his dad died 5 years later. we're both dealing with widowed moms and siblings with their own issues. It was easy to talk to each other, I suppose because so much water has gone under the bridge; but really, as nice as it was to see an old friend after all this time, I was even happier to go home to my own place, where I didn't have to deal with anyone but myself and the Fusspot. I had no regrets and no second thoughts. And, for someone who regularly second-guesses her own grocery shopping (I should have known I would need cream cheese) this kind of self-awareness is unusual. I am giving myself 100% on adulting for the day, and now I will walk the Fusspot and go to bed, since I have to work tomorrow; but maybe I'll check in on Groupdrink tomorrow night. After all, I have adulted big time this week ; )


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