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Welcome To The Bitchery

8 did something today that would have been totally whatever, aka creep an ex’s new girlfriends Instagram, and found out something I didn’t want to know. Dude was talking to us at the same time. The two of us dated for about 9 months last year. It was really fun but I realized he had a severe alcohol problem and I didn’t think it would change. Also, dude would sneak out in the middle of the night to go party while I slept. Looking back, maybe he was really going to see her, but who really knows. About a month before we really split, I wanted to take a break and I wanted him to stop going out and drinking. He would drink from sun up to sun down and everywhere in between. I could never tell if he was drunk l but hot damn, he smelled like vodka all the time. He was not willing to change. He lied a few times and we split. Well, in the last month apparently this new girlfriend became his drinking buddy.

When we split, we still sort of talked, but it was really sad messages on his side telling me I broke his heart, blaming me for his drinking, promises to change, etc. initially I felt bad and I kept talking to him, thinking he’d change. He took a job overseas to clean himself up and get some fresh air. He invited me to come for a bit, but I declined. Instagram let me know the new girl left the same week I was invited. Crazy part is, me and him still face times so he was going on walks alone to talk to me. Slime ball.

We talked more until finally I realized he wouldn’t change and I knew it because he was getting shitfaced before big meetings at new job. He continued to write me long love letters via email (how the f did he even get my email, I’m not even sure). However, he was taking new girl to dinner and on luxurious vacations.


I’m just mad he’s such a slime ball. I guess she doesn’t mind the alcohol. Not to mention, he texted me a while ago when I saw him out and walked away because I wasn’t looking for a chat. He continued to text me the rest of that night until I blocked him.

I just needed to air it out somewhere. I would have been happy for him had he not been a jerk. I’m just shocked at his behavior. Didn’t expect it from him.

Here’s to all the times we’ve crept and got our feelings hurt. Fee free to share stories. 

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