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Lying Paypal

Paypal has been really pissing me off lately. They are a bunch of liars.

A friend of mine sent me some money as a gift. He already had the money in his account, AND he made sure to select "send the money to friends and family." At this point there should be a box to let him pay any fee, but the box wasn't there. He looked for it everywhere, but no box. So he went ahead and sent me the gift.

According to Paypal's own rules, I shouldn't have had to pay any fees. but when I got the money, Paypal had automatically taken the fees out of the total.


I think I should point out that this friend of mine has bee using Paypal for years to make hundreds of transactions and gifts. He is extremely internet-savvy and knows exactly how the thing works.

I called Paypal support, and when I told the guy that my friend has selected "gift to friends and family," he flat-out accused me of lying. He insisted that my friend MUST have selected "services."

No, he most certainly didn't. I was on a chat with my friend while I was talking with the operator, and my friend confirmed that he was 100% sure he had picked "gift for friends and family."

The guy on the phone kept talking over me and telling me that I was lying. I was so pissed!


Then I did an experiment. I asked another friend to send money again as a gift (I would of course reimburse him, it was just an experiment), and walked him through the process step-by-step. I can definitely confirm that he selected "gift to friends and family."

Once again, Paypal broke its own rules and took fees out of the total. I called the customer service again, and again they insisted that my friend must have selected services.


So basically Paypal flat-out lies to its customers and steals their money. And the costomer service people accuse you of lying when you report it. so what the fuck can you do?

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