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Because this is kind of hilarious.

Me: Disney is re-releasing the Little Mermaid!
Brother: I bet it will have a different cover! HAHAHA!
Me: hahahaha!
SIL: hahahaha!
Nieces (10 and 8 years old): What's on the old cover? Tellmetellmetellmetellme.
Brother: Don't worry about it.
Nieces: Tellmetellmetellmetellmetellme


[2 days later...]
Text from niece (from brother's ipad): AUNT PANTSLESS WHAT IS ON THE OLD LITTLE MERMAID COVER?
Me: Ummm...they spelled something incorrectly.
Niece: Nuh uh.

I kind of want to tell them the truth because they would laugh for days but they'd tell everyone in school and my brother would kill me.

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