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MA Special Election for Kerry's Vacated Seat

So, I'll be honest, I haven't paid a ton of attention to this. I voted in the primary but I've basically ignored it since then, I know I'll vote for Markey, I assume Markey will win, blah, blah, I'm being complacent, blah, blah.

BUT. I just saw this and holy shit do I want to get out there and get to work for Markey.


I don't think this guy could come across as any more stupid on the issue of abortion. I mean, he's not espousing pseudoscience a la Akin but good lord! Some choice quotes -

“Oh, is this like the Catholic Church and all?” Gomez said, when pressed about the [Blunt] amendment.

“Is this federal funding for abortion? I don’t believe that there should be federal dollars to fund abortion,” Gomez said. When told that it was about whether private insurance companies that cover abortion can receive federal subsidies, Gomez said: “OK, but I don’t think there should be federal funding for abortions.”

“That’s part of the reason why these guys and women down there should read these whole things. . . . I’m happy to look at it.”


I know putting together a reasonable sentence isn't a requirement for Congress these days but dude, you sound like a 17 year old boy! He also has this to say:

Gomez said he hardly ­expects such issues to consume him at a time when he is focused on jobs, the economy, education, and veterans.


Hey buddy, have you paid ANY attention the past few years? Any attention at all? There have been over 150 bills related to abortion introduced in the past 4 years!

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