Do you ever feel conflicted reading the really crazy questions advice columnists get? Because on the one hand, this is the greatest question ever. But then I remember it's happening to a real person, and I feel bad. But still, holy crap! Relevant passage

At the end of last week, the boss calls me and S into his office, along with the other attorney, the office manager, and the staff person who had been complaining the most about S. He yelled at just about everybody except me (and really, nothing he said was out of bounds or inappropriate because it was all about being late to work or screwing around). And then he pulls out a machete. A real machete. And then he says that while we're all very important to the firm, if he has to have this conversation again, not everybody is going to leave an employee, and then he brought the machete down on his desk, leaving a gouge in the wood. I still can't quite believe it happened.

The whole question (and response) is here. What are your favorite advice columnist questions/answers that you've seen?