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I heard of this case yesterday. He is a 17 year old Texas high school student transitioning from female to male.

He just won a state high school wrestling tournament. The state put him into a no win situation. He wanted to play for the boys team because he identifies as male and going through the physical transition. The state sports board said he had to play in the division based on his birth certificate.

Well he is taking testosterone which since given would be considered a performance enhancing drugs. The state sports board allows for this since its given by a doctor.


He won. People booed him. The state board is at fault Mack wanted to play in the male division but was refused. The state put him in a no win situation. Due to the testosterone given to him that put him at an advantage in the women’s division due to the build up of muscle. Of course wrestling involves skill and no matter how much more muscle you have if you lack the skills you are going to lose. I have to wonder if he would have won if he had taken no testosterone in other words would his skills brought him victory anyways..

So he wins therefore his victory is questioned and he is booed. He is not the one at fault. The state is. It also shows hypocricy in the antitrans crowd. A person who transitions must use the bathroom on their birth certificate. Play sports ok play in the sports of your transition. This seems to be their message.

I am though sick of the blame heaped on Mack based on comments from various articles. They needto blame the sports group overseeing high school sports.


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