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Mad Men

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Three things: 1. Is that the real love story on this show is between Don and Sally? Seeing his face when she told him that she loved him—there has been nothing that has seemed that moving in the series in years. 2. It exposes the sad truth about us white ladies—given a modicum of power, many of us will oppress women of color the same way that we're oppressed by white men. Peggy has zero insight into the hypocrisy of her arbitrarily going after her administrative assistant, Shirley. 3. Did Dawn not just get Joan's office but in fact became office manager? Because that's be pretty sweet. This is what this article suggests and I think so does the show. And it's good that like someone recognized Joan's ambitions, someone recognized Dawn's, who seemed much more competent than many of her peers. I wonder if Joan was motivated by the fact that she stuck up for herself to her previous boss.


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