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No Mad Men thread yet? Did anybody see last night's episode? It's probably my favourite of the season because my favourite character is Pete and I love it when he gets screen time, especially when it's with Peggy, AND they reference their past. (Yes, I'm a shipper).

Another thing I loved was the "revelation" about Bob Benson. He's just been in love with Pete this whole time. I find that immensely more fascinating and satisfying than any theory about his being a government or industry spy. That's one of the reasons I'm a fan of the show - the characters are well-rounded people and not just tools for the plot, or stand-ins for a single quality or failing.


I also appreciated the shot of Peggy with her cat. A little wink at the feminist stereotype, no? Even with the rat story, I think it is. She literally tried to get a man (to deal with the problem) but couldn't so she got a cat instead.

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