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Mad Men, Final Season (Ep. 2) -- Open Discussion (Bumped!)

It's Tuesday, and I know not everyone has caught up yet, but from those I heard from last week , Tuesday seems a good day for this! Spoilers ahoy, so don't scroll down if you haven't caught up.






Sorcia's List of Things to Consider for "New Business":

1) Where the fuck is Sally?! COME ON.

2) Betty as a therapist = ALL THE LOLS.

3) Can we just refer to the waitress as Diana Downer?

4) I agree with the several reviews that criticized this episode for all the new character/plot lines vs. staying focused. I just don't give a shit about Megan or her mom, ffs. But I'd like to see what my clever GTers think.

5) Was that Annie Hall, the photographer?

6) Note: Golf Clubs are now the only thing Don owns.

7) Sweet kittens on a cracker, Harry. Way to be a complete dickpickle.

8) I legit guffawed when Meredith said "The Manson brothers."

9) Anyone else think Stan's gf seems pretty hot and fun?

10) CAN you get syphilis from a wine stain?!

Here's the Tom and Lorenzo recap, which I always love, as well as one from The Muse .


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