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Mad Men, Final Season (Ep. 3) -- Open Discussion

Spoilers ahoy!!

It’s Tuesday, so here’s your spot to chat about the final flight path of Mad Men, and we get to decide whether or not they are going to stick the landing. As I did last week, I’ll bump this at the end of the day, also. Let’s look at “The Forecast” after a polite little jump.





How ‘bout that beer?

Dear god, Matthew Weiner. What in the blue fuck is wrong with you?!

Sorcia’s List of Things to Consider: (feel free to talk about whatever, though!)

1) Creepy. Fucking. Glen.

2) Did this feel a little Lifetime Special-ish to anyone else? Heavy handed — the whole episode.


3) Jesus, that realtor was a bitch. Who can’t sell an empty apartment?!

4) Don creeping on a 17-year old. Lovely.

5) Ok, I lold when I saw him using patio furniture inside. Talk about returning to his trashy roots. That is so something my insane redneck neighbors do on a regular basis.


6) Both Mathis and Peggy got in good shots! Way to go, kids.

7) OMG JOAN. SO BEAUTIFUL THIS EPISODE. That said, I don’t know if I approve of the new beau. Harumph. I worry when men bring her roses...


“He really blew it.”

“He sure did!”

Best. Bed-talk. Ever.

8) Pete: “I can fire YOU!” Oh go away, Peter.

9) At least Don only brought Ted a donut instead of, you know, a tumbler of scotch.


10) Is Roger still banging Marie Calvet?! Inquiring minds want to know.

Have at thee, GT! Here’s the link to Tom and Lorenzo (awesome) and The Muse.

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