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Mad Men, Final Season (Ep. 5) -- Open Discussion

Spoilers ahoy, kittens!






Favorite quote: “It’s an octopus. Pleasuring a lady.” — Roger

As per usual, please feel free to talk about whatever you’d like! Some of my thoughts to get the ball rolling:

1) Will someone explain to my just WHY they have a MURDER ORGAN at the SCP office?! Honestly. I want to know.



A quick homage to one of my favorite Shirley moments:

3) Fuck all the men. Seriously. I wanted to set Hobart’s satan face on fire when he talked to Joan. ON FIRE. #HearHearforMisandry

4) I think I’m starting to agree with Tom and Lorenzo that Joan’s bf isn’t a psycho, he just reads that way because he wears leisure suits, so to 2015 eyes, he looks like a creeper.


5) Of course Ted is perfectly fine at this terrible place. Ugh. A plague on that sheep man.

6) Ok, if the last two episodes are Don on a goddamn HOBO FIELD TRIP? Akin to Betty’s trip to the Hippy Flophouse? I’m out. I just can’t.


7) Don and Bets (he called her “Birdy!”) are awful affectionate. Must be the Freud.

8) I am so glad Sally bailed on his crazy ass. Good for her.

9) I’m depressed that of all people, it looks like PETE FUCKING CAMPBELL looks to be the happiest as we near the home stretch. Soulless little goblin.


10) That thing with the window. Holy Heavy Handedness, Matt Weiner!

As usual, here’s Tom and Lorenzo’s write-up. And here’s one from The Muse.


Talk amongst yourselves!

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