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That’s a wrap, folks! Spoilers ahead, surer than lung cancer and hobos.

(If you want to catch our live chat on the post, it’s here. And here is Youguise’s live thread.









Oh, you know the rest.

All of our earlier discussions about this last season can be found here, if you want to catch up. Otherwise, let’s parse this End of an Era, or, as I like to call it, “Don Goes to Hippy Camp.”


As usual, feel free to talk about anything you’d like. Here are my thoughts:

1) Fuck you, Matthew Weiner, for all the fucking time you wasted. Not just at hippy camp, but all season. Why introduce that random dude for Peggy to date? Did you think any of us gave a single shit about Stephanie? Or Megan, for that matter? Ugh. You suck.


2) I am sticking with my theory that just after yoga, Don drunkenly bumbles off a cliff and Peggy writes the Coke ad as an homage.

3) Jesus, that last shot of Betty was grim.

4) Holy shit all the acting re: the phone calls. Incredible.

5) Bye, Campbell family! Enjoy ruling Wichita!


6) HOLLOWAY AND HARRIS FTW. Also, How tongue in cheek was it to have Joanie snorting coke in what ended up being an actual Coca Cola commercial?


7) Ugh. Bye, old California dude. You were creepers. Roger, on the other hand = totally charming. I love that he and Marie ended up together.


8) I know people are flipping out about Peggy and Stan, but lord did it feel Rom Com-ish. I mean, it could have been handled better.

9) Henry was just MIA. GOOD.

10) Kinda disappointed it didn’t end with Creepy Glen in the Vietnam jungle, with “Flight of the Valkyries” in the background.


As usual, here’s Tom and Lorenzo’s fabulous take.

Have at thee, GT. From hell’s heart, stab at this whale.

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