I'd like to try and do this each week between now and the end of the series. Would Mondays be better? I would like to give everyone a chance to see the episodes.

That said, Spoilers Ahead!




Things to consider:

Did Peggy slut shame Joan about her clothes?! Fuck off, Peggy.

Roger's mustache. That is all.

So now Don is totes good with talking about his whorehouse childhood. I guess that's... progress.


RIP, Rachel.

God bless, but what is Don's deal with waitresses and stewardesses?!

No sign of Betty, Sally or Megan yet. I can die happy without a single other Megan sighting. But I really want to see what the other Draper ladies are up to.


Finally, Kenny Cosgrove FTW. Hells yes he'd look awesome on a book jacket.

Talk about whatever you like! Here's the Tom and Lorenzo recap, which I always love. I give extra credit for awesome gifs. ;)

ETA: The Muse also had a nice write-up!