Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

OMG, y'all. We have got to talk about this show.


1) What in the HELL was going on with Betty's "I'll help you rape a child" speech?! I can't even...


2) Who cares about that kid? Why was that such an important point to introduce in the series premiere?

3) Don's cheating with Whatsherface... Why her? Random.

4) Oh Roger. It is so NOT your funeral. Thank god.

5) Peggy is being portrayed rather marmishly, I thought. They worked hard, I think, to age her physically. That hair... Yeesh. Made me actually miss her hideous ponytail from Season 1.



7) Pete Campbell continues to have a face I deeply desire to punch.

8) How creepy was Don's ad?!

9) Such a dark episode. I don't think they could have included more death images with a crowbar.


10) Why can't one still just smoke some reefer in the office now and again these days?!

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