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Mad Men Newb, has a body realization

Hey, all. I'll make this short.

I am watching the first season of Mad Men (I know, I know I am soooo behind). And I love/hate the show, but what struck me was Christina Hendricks. Of course, due to the popularity of this show, I've known and seen Hendricks over the years in dirtmags and red carpets, but this is a first for me seeing her act. I've heard women and men wax poetic over her curves and red hair. She is very, very stunning. Her curves command attention on the screen in a way I would not have guessed. In fact, I thought only in stills did she look so great.

Long story shortened, I used to have the exact same shape as Hendricks and I HATED my body at the time. As a child of the nineties, I was determined to look more like Claudia Schiffer or Karen Mulder. That was never going to happen with my big ass tits, but..I dreamed. Only now, 40 lbs heavier than I was when I had that lovely curvy thing happening do I realize how great—how fucking sexy I looked. I remember trying on my GAP pencil skirt and a lace overlay jersey top eight years ago and looking at the mirror and feeling aghast (aghast I say!) at how overtly sexy I appeared. To be frank, it frightened me. I had a 1yr old baby and live in a small town. I felt my sexy curves were flashing red lights of "lookit me!!!!". I'm older now, have had many emotional problems that have led to on/off weight gain and only now do I regret not realizing that I could have accepted my damn body for what it was then. Fucking stereotypes, fucking media, fucking human brain programmed to follow the "norms."


Okay, not so short story. Thanks for listening. I'm going to go watch "House M.D." now and drink.

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