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Mad Men: On Race and Gender

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(Spoilers for the latest episode, if you haven't seen it yet.)

I really enjoyed the latest Mad Men roundtable discussion in The Atlantic, and would love to hear your thoughts. They ask:

Will Mad Men Ever Be as Good on Race as It Is on Gender?

The answer so far is basically: "We'll see." They bring up the point that while Peggy, Joan, Betty and even fucking Megan all have really complex and nuanced storylines, so far Dawn isn't getting the same treatment.

The black secretary who just wants to work hard and feels some resentment toward her friend who's getting married is hardly a revolutionary character type. The fact that Dawn's able to keep her job later in the episode because Pete's afraid of firing a black employee also felt frustratingly predictable.


I think it's too soon to say, since her storyline is only just beginning. As a woman whose colour will likely not be represented on the show anytime soon, I'm super interested to hear all of your thoughts.

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