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Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 4

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Thoughts? Spoilers ahead, obviously.

My main concern is with Stan and Peggy's relationship, which I would not have foreseen last season. I really didn't like Stan, and now I'm super sad that he might be mad at Peggy. I actually sort of interpreted that middle finger as a "Fuck you, but I should have seen this coming and I might have done the same thing, so whatevs", but it could also just be "Fuck you". Which would make me sad and I hope he forgives her soon and oh God why let my Peggy be happy and have friends, dammit.


I'm not even surprised Don basically called his wife a whore on the way to his mistress, who is his only friend's wife. WHATEVER, MAN. Do you guys think he was proud of Peggy or pissed, or both?

In the meantime, yes, Harry, you do great work for the company. This does not excuse you being such a fucking little beta douchebag. Leave Joan out of this. Yes, she technically prostituted herself for the partnership (don't even get me started on that, Pete Fucking Campbell), but she's worked just as hard, if not harder, for that position as you have. What? She was just a secretary? Let me introduce you to my best friend, the flying elbow. Hildy can recommend a good eye doctor for your glasses replacement.


I'm so glad Dawn is an actual character now and not just a background prop. Will she be the new Peggy? Time will tell.

Also, I miss Betty. I unironically think January Jones is wonderful in this role.


ETA: This show always does a great job of flipping my opinions every season. I mentioned Stan above, but I also did not imagine I would come to really enjoy scenes with Ted Choughcoughgoughgeouh. I'm really interested to see how that ends up.

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