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Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 5

Tracie has a rundown of this episode on the front page here. But I had a more specific question for you guys (spoilers for this episode, obvs).

Would you have liked for there to be more of a focus on Dawn's reaction? She and Phyllis are the only recurring black characters on their show. During this episode, they each had about a minute of (hilarious) screentime each. The episode itself was about the assassination as a disruption of the main (white) characters' lives, and how it focused or supplanted their priorities.


doit2julia had a really great comment on the front page:

I was initially disappointed that the episode didn't offer much of Dawn's perspective during this episode. But then I realized that beyond the expected emotions of confusion & sadness, having white coworkers being apologetic & awkwardly attempting to elicit Very Special Episode-style moments is exactly how most black people would have experienced MLK's assassination.

What do you all think? I was torn between being frustrated at how there were mostly only white perspectives on this major event and relieved that the show didn't shoehorn in a badly done storyline for Dawn, which would be worse than no storyline at all.

I don't know if next week or the following episodes will have a closer look at Dawn and her life and the effect (if any) of the aftermath of the assassination and the race riots.


Also, Pete screaming at Harry is probably my favourite thing he's done ever.

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