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Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 9, "The Better Half"!

Here we go! Spoilers ahead, folks. I posted this as a reply here on GT, but Kinja seems to be eating my words lately. Anyhow, here are my 10+ Questions/Comments about last night's show.

Smilla, where you at?! I need your gifs!!

First, let's get the big one dealt with — Don and Betty's campy (hah!) hook-up. Somewhere I read their rekindled sexy-times described as "One last spin on the Carousel," which I thought was apt. Also, I love her hair. It's so bouncy! But... Don's a CUDDLER?! Pfft. I somehow felt that line was, at best, insincere. And would they have hooked up if she'd still been plump? Methinks not.


Other things we MUST discuss:

1) WTF, Francis?! You married a trophy wife, she's finally slimmed down for you and now you're bitching that people enjoy looking at her? You pregnant-belly touching pervert. Fuck you. Also, "Dolly?" How do you even GET that from "Elizabeth"?! Fuck you again.

2) LOL @ Peggy stabbing Abe. Clearly the lawnmower moment of this season! He's just been the worst. Can we please just get her an awesome boyfriend like she deserves or leave her happily single? Please?

3) Ted, what is WRONG with you? All that whining about Pegs touching your HAND? On ACCIDENT? Peggy, stab him too, please.


4) Megan's hilarious wig for her new soap character. Made that poor woman look like Andy Warhol in drag. And that weird crouch she does cleaning up the drink. Was that some fucked-up pantsuit or what?!

5) Speaking of Megan (and her darling blue head-scarf!)... Arlene, you little minx. I'd let you make out with me on Don Draper's couch any ol' time.


6) I continue to ship for Joan and Roger. Also, how awesome would Roger be as a grandfather? His daughter has always been such a shrill cunt. Cut off for allowing a kid to seePlanet of the Apes?! Goddamn, that's COLD, lady.

7) Margarine IS indestructible. Blech. Every conversation they have makes me a little queasy.


8) Sally was conceived in the woods. Of course she was. Our naughty sprite.

9) Ok. What the FUCK ALL is going on with Bob Benson?! Do we like him? Isn't he just creepy beyond all sense to anyone else?! I'm just waiting for him to go all American Psycho on everyone.


10) DUCK!! Where ya been, you Monte-Cristo-eating, couch-pooping, dog-abandoning old drunk?! We missed you! Well. Sort of. No. Wait. We didn't.

11) Camp and Bobby: He's Bobby 5 there. How many actual actors have played the poor kid? I wondered if it were a sly joke about the casting.

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