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Mad Men! Spoilers ahoy! (Tale of Two Cities, ep.10)

Ok! So, I know many of you were so overwhelmed by GoT last night, and maybe you haven't caught up with the tamer Mad Men yet. It was pretty quiet, especially compared to, well. That's another thread. :) Understandable.

Smilla, where you AT, boo?! You know I cannot do this without your gifs. *tsks*

That said, here we go with my At-Least-10-Thoughts about the episode:

1) Jesus, are they just going to murder-sauce Megan? Between her wearing Sharon Tate's wardrobe and showing up as some drowning/hashish hallucination, I don't even know.


2) Bob. Fucking. Benson. Is Cutler high? Not high enough? I can't even guess.

3) Joan! Avon! Wait. Fuck you, Ted. Also, Peggy, you fucking rule. GIRL POWER!

4) Pete, you don't deserve that joint. You're an awful little man and I hope you choke on the reefer smoke.

5) Was Roger wearing a cravat? Please let that be real and not another hallucination.


6) Jesus, Danny. In the balls?! Really?! Bad form, little dude. Bad form.


7) All the lady costumes were exceptionally lovely this time, I thought. Even Joan's floral number, and I tend to dislike florals.

8) I really wanted to see SOME Betty. Weiner, you're such a goddamn tease.

9) Riots make me sad. And the news anchor voiceover? Christ that was depressing.


10) Harry Crane can't even win with a Mustang. Because he sucks. Hah.

11) Lotus just standing around and snickering? I fear this might be me every time I've ever smoked weed.


12) Um, is Michael Ginsberg just losing his fucking MIND? I am starting to think he's just insane.

Thoughts, fellow Mad Menners?

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