It's what brought me here in the first place and as soon as I decide to post something, it rears it's ugly head again.

Huffington Post published a reaction piece to a major plot point of Season 4 of Downton Abbey. I'm not putting the link up because it's part of the point.

Downton Abbey airs in the UK on iTV which sells it's airing rights to PBS. Because of (probably contractual) reasons, there's a 3-4 month wait for PBS to air them.


The BBC used to do this with Doctor Who. Then BBC America came along and they jumped on the international popularity of the show with making nearly simultaneous airings of the show. This also decreased illegal downloads of the show during the interim which all means $$$ for the BBC.

iTV does not have a US version. Hence PBS. Also, good for PBS. It actually has a bona fide HIT on it's hands.


So why, with at least THREE MONTHS inbetween airings, does Huffington Post put an article on their MAIN PAGE, not the UK site or solely the TV page.

But apparently since there was a "spoiler warning" on the top of the article (which of course you could read without reading ANY part of the article) I'm ridiculous and a baby for complaining.


ALL of the responses to my post asking why they were putting this on the main page were variations of "you don't have to read it."

I've WATCHED the episodes this season the day after they air in the UK and I still care. This plot point isn't a death or departure of a character but is still HUGE and what a big part of the rest of the season will be. With the biggest plot point last year being the death of a character/wanted departure by an actor, the urge to click on the post would be HUGE! Especially when not everyone knows that it airs SO EARLY in comparison to the PBS version.

This isn't "don't spoil the Breaking Bad ending for me because I DVR'd it." This is "HER HEAD IS IN THE BOX!!!!" spoiling (from Seven, which is kinda a trigger for me because a high school english teacher I had spoiled the movie for anyone who hadn't seen it right after I said, "You can't say the ending!" Her hair also looked like the spaceship in Coneheads. And she played a Sinbad comedy special in our AP english class. And played "Independence Day" and forbade us from making fun of it).


There's decorum when it comes to spoilers. Even tv gossip writers do it with a slow release of certain spoilers or blind items. There's an etiquette. This is out of bounds. It's like spoiling a popular foreign film's surprise when it's just starting to talk distribution in the US. Or spoiling a film via a Cannes or film festival screening. It's just NOT FUCKING DONE SO PUBLICLY!

So yeah. The groundhog emerged from it's GroupThink hole to see that the douchebag (my word for the week) element of HuffPost comment sections are still alive and well. I'm a baby ("don't forget to bring your diapers") for leaving as soon as I get there.


Yeah. I'm a baby for not wanting a click-bait mainpage article during an endless gov shutdown/slowest news week EVAR to spoil a big plot point in a popular show that airs on PUBLIC BROADCASTING and probably earns them a lot of money and exposes them to new age demographic markets (PBS, that is) .

Fuck me. Is it Friday soon?