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MAGA: Insurance Companies Should Go Back To What They Did Before ACA so sayeth HHS Tom Price

Yup MAGA what these deplorable Trump voters wanted. They really.destroyed us all with this. Tom Price head of HHS wants insurance companies to just do what they did before ACA. Who cares millions will die to Trump and his followers they think it will be just poor nonwhites and lazy folk.

Its deceptively easy with the tiny brains Trump voters have just “rewrite” history claim insurance was better before ACA and they will fall for it thinking “oh America will be great again”.


I suspect Trump will pick up on this and claim “everyone was better off”. Republican voters (except rich ones) always voted against their interests.

When Trump voters realize how much this will hurt them it will be too late. ACA will be gone along with all the protections. My hatred of them of them knows no bounds.


We are so screwed. Totally absolutely screwed thanks to Trump and his minions AND his voters.


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