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Magazine Anthology Find And Let's Talk Magazine Anthology

I found in a thrift shop for a quarter each about 10 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazines. All from the early 1960s. Incredible find. I was getting all of them.

Until I opened one up and well Al Bundy can show you my reaction.


It reeked of mildew. It just hit my nose. It was an instant no sale. Utterly unreadable. I suspect someone was cleaning their cellar found these in a box and decided to donate them.

I used to love in the late 90 early 2000s Realms Of Fantasy. The magazine store shut down. Great stories including by Tanith Lee.

I also liked Asimov especially when he was alive.


Which ones do you like or have read regularly? Or in the past? Subscribe/subscribed to any magazine anthology?

Shocked James Patterson has not gone down this path like Ellery Queen did.

Let’s stick to magazine anthologies.

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