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if you have not read it read it now. Major spoilers ahead and I mean major







The Omnibus was very good once I got used to the reverse panels, it is manga.

I feel so ragey now.

Umi, Hikaru and Fuu were played for fools. Yet they should have been skeptical more. Instead they just fell for the adventure and being made to feel like heroes.


So many times they should have said “wait something is not right”.

They were made to feel responsible for one another. Yes they were isolated from family and friends and world so they would stay together.

The tests they were pushed through were to break down their individuality and think as a unit. Yet it was done in ways of frendship and sisterhood. Not one said “wait these tests are to break down our individuality. Why?”.

The henchfolk they fought were not bad people in fact all admitted loyalty to Emeraulde. Not once did they ask themselves “what kind of master villian sends out as henchmen folks that are not bad people”.


The idea of a person praying for peace and the land was peaceful as a result seems disturbing. No freewill just imposed peace.How exactly is this enforced. Peace means what? No violence or a drugged emotional state like every one on tranquilizers thus all have limited emotional range.

Of course they never asked why three middle class somewhat sheltered 14 year olds were picked.


Young Emeraude, Clef and everyone else must have known only outcome was Emeraudes death. That to be a pillar of peace would need total commitment and concetration. Being in love would stifle it. Zagato was the problem especially him believing freedom should also be prayed. Of course him dead Emerahude would blame the three and her viabilty as pillarwould be compomised.

So yes they were manipulated yet they were at times too naive.

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