Just found this one which is AMAZE BALLS, but depends if she is happy to wear a stick on bra. What the fuck is it with dresses you can't wear bra's with??


So I am beginning to realise that I have no idea if there is some kind of etiquette for the MOH's dress.

I am not having any bridesmaids, just the MOH. So because I am not forking out for 6 different bridesmaid dresses I want my MOH to look great and to feel great, obviously. I would prefer not to spend hundreds of pounds on a dress though, as we are on a budget.

The colour for the bridal party is going to be dark red - now, spring is not the best time to be looking for dark red dresses and I get that...but I wanted to get an idea of what was out there. I have found these dresses, which I personally think are lovely, and that she can legitimately wear again after the wedding. They're also on sale - woohoo!

But I just don't know if they are "special" enough for a maid of honour, and especially when they are the sole member in my bridal party. I'd be really grateful for some advice...



I really like this one, but it's too expensive and maybe a tad too bright.

The wedding is in winter, so I would rather avoid chiffon as there is no warmth to it whatsoever, and it is easily caught in the wind.