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Welcome To The Bitchery

I rent. Moved into my current home last August. About a month ago, I got a jury duty notice in the mail for a former tenant, but I didn't open it because I think it might be a federal offence?

Anyway, yesterday, I/he got a notice in the mail, but it's a postcard, so I can read it. It is a "Failure to Respond to a Jury Duty Notice" with a 1-800 number on the back. It indicates he could be fined 1500$. Yesterday I tried to call the number to explain the former tenant doesn't live at that address and hasn't for over a year but it was after-hours and there were no operators.

I guess my question is; to what lengths, if any, should I go to locate the tenant/advise the court? Is this even any of my business?


I don't know this guy, we've never met, his mail has been delivered to my home for a year. Thanks for your thoughts guys!

ETA I will call the number Tuesday morning. Thanks again!

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