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So last night I made an off-hand comment on the main-page, about the guy who smacked down the customer who complained the waitress's weren't dressed skimpy enough.

I said "Potato skin binge all weekend. For feminism....yeah feminism. It'll be a sacrifice that I'm willing to make." I woke up to over 200 notifications and had the worry that I started a fight somewhere. (Was I sleep posting?)


No people just liked my comment mainly because potato skins are delicious and proof that God loves us. No trolls because again what is there to troll? Except one that I can't tell if I should engage or not.

One commenter pointed out that it's not feminism but decent human being-ism. Apparently those two things are different in that person's mind. I'm deciding whether or not to engage because I don't want to get sucked into a slow-play trolling. Or should I engage and explain that a big part of feminsim is simply being decent human beings to people of both sexes and viewing them as people rather than the "othering" of women that the world likes to do. What say you? Engage or not engage. I rarely comment on the MP anymore and when I do it hardly ever gets responded to so I'm not sure what I'm wading into nowadays.

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