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MainPage Article about LGBT applicants

Just saw the article on the resume test where one applicant had LGBT organizations on her resume as volunteer work.

If you don't want to go on the MP ( I don't blame you) the gist was the person with the LGBT volunteer experience right on the resume got less calls than the identical resume without the experience.


Since as a a recruiter I read resumes I'm wondering what my knee-jerk turn-offs are. I immediately remembered a few weeks ago when I didn't want anything to do with a woman who was an Exec. Admin for a pro-life group. I'll admit it I hesitated, I may have even posted my dilemma here. She was great for the job we had, professional on the phone, had the software and I almost let my politics get in the way. Was that right? Probably not professional of me, it was a legitimate non-profit with nothing illicit going on that I could find. I Googled the hell out of them trust me I was looking.

I guess this is all a long way to say in my professional opinion be careful what organizations you put on your resume. If it doesn't need to be there because it's just a volunteer group and it doesn't affect your work history assess how the organization will be viewed from different perspectives. Even me your lovable Geekgirl faltered.

Another anecdotal story, girl came in she did travel arrangements. Name of the company was some random travel company name. I asked the girl about the organization and she explained that it was a travel company that catered to swingers. I was like "Oh interesting" and we moved on. Later I emailed her, because I needed a couple modifications on her resume and advised her that since you never know an interviewer's personal feelings maybe just explaining that they were a travel company that catered to couples and leave it at that. And she got all huffy with me. Frankly I still don't think I'm wrong in that situation. People you do what you want to do in your relationship or relationships. Hell the Geekboy and I have been discussing some stuff. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the average recruiter/HR person may not be as aware of the wide world.

ETA: I'm lonely and rambling tonight. Also I just had a ton of coffee.

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