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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Mainpage commentary

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I think some of the mainpage writers are friendlier than the others. I also feel at times that people here really want to like the writers, want some engagement or some consideration and it just doesn't happen. Any engagement just turns ugly. Maybe there is this perception on their end about what is going on that is just not really accurate? I don't know. Like maybe it's because I'm a busy body or a fixer but I feel like there needs to be an intervention because I think it's too bad that there is this level of animosity between some people at jezebel and groupthink, as an entity. And I think it's needless because most of us (on both sides) are good people or cats. Maybe it's the Macchiato talking or the fact that I've been PMSing but I wish we could just like have real talk between a large group of commenters and the staff. Maybe because it makes me sad a little that we're all so thrilled to have Mark around, partly because he's a good guy and partly because it seems like he doesn't hate us.


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