I was looking for something on the mainpage (the Bruce Jenner post because one of our best is out there being fab) and I ended up commenting on one of the Tweet Beat posts and someone was way unamused with my nonsense.

Alan Cumming tweeted that he hasn't been in anymore X-Men movies because he wasn't asked so I said:

Why isn't anyone talking about the Alan Cumming tweets?

WE COULD HAVE MORE NIGHTCRAWLER. I need to start a petition on this.

That was like the 2nd ish comment, no one had mentioned it yet. Someone just said this in response:

Why do you think you're entitled to whine about the fact that Cumming and McKellen have better things to do than be in a pootly written Marvel movie?

WHAT. I'm not allowed to want my favorite character back? I want to dismiss it, but also, that seems like an abuse of the button. And I don't think the person is a troll, they had something nice to say about the actors and such. I was done with mainpage unless it was an article GT promoted but this is just a reminder of why I stay here.